REG|AC_4_NON TEXTUAL UTOPIAS is a monographic issue of REGAC Journal (2018), edited by Julia Ramírez Blanco.

With texts by TJ Demos; Rachel Weiss; Timothy Miller; Dirk Hoyer; Dario Azzellini & Oliver Ressler; Fernando Araujo, James Block, Lorenzo Ganzo Galarça, Manoela Guimarães Gomes, Edson Luiz André de Sousa, Sofia Tessler & Léo Tietboehl; Laia Manonelles; Jorge Lopera & Efrén Giraldo; Kylie Banyard; Concepción Cortés Zulueta; Magdalena Schulz-Ohm; Nadja Gnamuš; Mercè Alsina and Antonio R. Montesinos (ISSN 2013-8652) (English and Spanish). You can download it here: REG|AC_4_NON TEXTUAL UTOPIAS.


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