15M The time of the squares

“In fragmented times, traversed by the algorithms of the big multinationals of Silicon Valley, bots, armies of trolls and tons of disinformation, the work of Julia Ramirez-Blanco is an oxygen bubble for researchers, journalists, politicians or activists. With an ethnographic work full of primary sources and dozens of field interviews made expressly for the research, 15M. El tiempo de las plazas is a possible compass for a social political process that went beyond the event and unfolded into a maze of complementary and even contradictory processes”. In this review, Gutiérrez considers the book to be “what is today one of the great narratives on the processes unleashed by the 15M” and that it is “an essential volume to understand the 15M beyond clichés” Bernardo Gutiérrez, Archivo Español de Arte.

15M was (or is) our May ’68.

When in May 2011 thousands of people took to the squares, armed only with tents and banners, they were unwittingly tents and banners, they were unknowingly initiating a series of unpredictable processes whose social, political and unpredictable processes whose social, political and cultural consequences are still consequences have lasted to the present day.

In this book, Julia Ramírez-Blanco guides us through the web of groups,
campaigns and actions of 15M: from the encampments to the neighbourhood assemblies, from the Mareas to the Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca, from Rodea el Congress to the anti-capitalist flamenco, to end up with the formation of new political new political parties such as Podemos.

Like Ariadne’s thread, “15M: el tiempo de las plazas” traces the history of Spanish history over the last decade Spanish history over the last decade, making it an indispensable guide to to understand our present.

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