Habitar el horizonte. Plétora de utopías posibles

Julia Ramírez-Blanco (ed.), Habitar el horizonte. Plétora de utopías posibles. Barcelona: MRA Ed., 2023.

Authors: Julia Ramírez Blanco (Ed.), Stephen Duncombe, Juan Pro, Laia Manonelles Moner, Jay Jordan, Isabelle Fremeaux, Inés Macpherson, Alex Zamalin and Daniele Porretta.

Utopia has been a source of inspiration, a creative imagination to aspire to different worlds, to different societies. In the current context, which presents us with a world plagued with uncertainty, and sometimes full of difficulties, hopelessness may appear and with it the immobility for not knowing what to do or where to start. Imagining or thinking about another possible world, another society, etc., can break this immobility and harbor the hope that a better future is possible, but that it needs to be thought about and, with it, promote change.

This book compiles some possible utopias put into practice in different places and times, using science fiction to imagine other possible worlds regarding gender, the racial utopia and the one that imagines life on another planet.

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